We are surrounded by THEM…YOU. And that’s what makes us tick.

It’s been compelling, invigorating, and at times overwhelming, to be involved in such presitgious projects over the years such as T in the Park, The Beijing and Vancouver Olympics with Team GB, Salon International with Cloud Nine, and Leisure Industry week with Life Fitness and Escape Fitness… all to name just a few of the mind blowing activities and events we’ve had the honour to be a part of during the last 15 years.

We're on a unique mission

And it’s built on key principles, our core values and working ethos.

We’ve learnt to deliver a certain type of offering and service, and it’s one built on humanization. We simply feel the need to connect. To truly provide, and feel our customers are getting honest value for their investment, our approach is to nurture, provide clear and expert guidance, and back it up with a solution, product and physical service that delivers.

We make sure you arrive.


We bring real, honest, passionate and affordable design expertise and guidance to the table, at every opportunity. We take consultancy to new levels with our dedicated hands on approach to strategy, concepts and planning.

Our customers buy into our people, and we buy into them.

We engage at ground level. We feel the emotion of a passer by, or a person who has engaged with our work, and we connect. That fusion, that’s the reason we do what we do.

If we can enhance or introduce a solution that positively impacts on a customers experience, we’ve taken the first step into ‘effective experience’. We then use that platform to extend and expand our model.