We are often asked:


What do you design at Showoff? What do you display?


We’re celebrating 15 years of showing off this year, so we’re taking some time to explain a little bit more about who are, what we do and why we do it.


We set up 15 years ago on the back of a blossoming relationship with Life Fitness, world leaders in the design and supply of top level fitness equipment.


Life Fitness invested their loyalty and commitment in us from day one and enabled us to design and build their exhibition stands, assist them with their sponsorship deals with the likes of Scotland Rugby, Team GB, Wembley Stadium, Wigan Warriors and Arsenal, to name a few… we were blown away by the Calibre of work and clientele we’d just stumbled into.


Our work involved graphic design and planning for the solutions the projects required. We spent time setting out effective locations, suitable materials, preparing print production and display kit to ensure the products were fit for purpose. We quickly thrust ourselves out there as a design and display team who could professionally put our hands to anything… so showoff was truly born and ready to thrive.


We will be continuing to tell our story throughout our 15th year in showing off and would love it if you would jump on and join our journey. For all things graphics, display, design and customer centric, get in touch.


Now more than ever is the perfect time to be social and continue to work and achieve together.


Time to change the game.



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