As lockdown 3.0 is served upon us, it’s in our nature to worry, to wonder, and to consider the next set of inevitable consequences for our lives and livelihoods. 

During lockdown 1, we experienced the anxieties, the what if’s and the decline of our business, but we had an instinctive approach to rise up, to think outside our comfort zones, and we developed the foundation for our own Renaissance. We sink or swim. We got out and invented…


THE SOCIAL AT SHOWOFF is our physical, visual, functional platform to connect with you effectively.


We set this up to talk, to discuss, to coach, to debate, to mentor, to share, to nurture, to teach, to listen, to hear, and to chat and make conversation on a level, with a view to us all getting more from each other and our respective organisations and services.

We have never been a typical design agency or display company. Without sounding cliche, we are literally built on personality, a small close knit team of passionate people who like to thrive and make waves in what we do. Talking gets us everywhere. Communicating to great effect gets us and you there quicker, and ensures we hit the spot. 


Blogging and digital speak is new to us, and the intention here is to evoke conversation, share ideas and create energy, engagement and excitement during times where we all need a lift and something to be positive about. We’re not the first to say it and we won’t be the last, but there is so, so much to be positive about right now, and if THE SOCIAL helps one person to smile, to be inspired and to make a difference in some way in their lives, then we’re glad we swam! And got out. And invented! We’ve got heaps of ideas and mantras for what THE SOCIAL is about and what we’d like it to become, so please stay and be a part of the unravelling.

We’ve been helping our clients make ‘the comeback’ since April 2020, and we’re continuing to do so today. Let’s not beat around the bush, it’s an absolute pain for all businesses and organisations, and there are no quick fixes when it’s out of our hands and the unknown is quickly becoming the dreaded reality that we are continuing to suffer at unimaginable levels. So what do we do? Do we sink or do we adapt? 


Beyond the formalities of our services, we are here to discuss your experiences with business interruption. How have you been affected? What is keeping you awake at night? What is your plan moving forward? How do you muster up the energy now with this latest upheaval and business killer? We’re in the same boat, and we’d like to share our optimism and survival mode instincts. We apply what we think and do to our work and our solutions, and then we work closely with our clients to develop survival plans, and in turn, your flourishing plans… the answer does not lie in a graphic or a sanitising station or a safety poster. 


It’s bigger. It’s strategic. It’s personal. It’s unique. It’s different. It’s planned. It’s fresh and it’s keeping you up at night! It’s a game changer… 

IT’S EXPERIENTIAL. And that’s how we do what we do. Change the game, and consider how you adapt and change the experience you offer or present. It’s not easy, but it’s not hard. We’re half way there if you’re still reading this. Let’s talk about how we, how you can change the game. What it means… How it’s designed and mapped out… How it’s executed… How it’s managed, assessed and maintained… How it becomes the differentiator to get you where you need to be.


So THE SOCIAL is the place to speak your mind and listen to some of our thoughts too. We hope you’ll enjoy it here and the bar is free (your fridge obvs). Please comment, talk to us, keep reading our posts, and let’s tackle this together where we can. We’re open and we’ve got each others backs.





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