While the world adopted panic mode, we carefully created Renaissance mode. An opportunity to think, create, and patiently craft an enhancement to already successful consumer experiences.


Our initial thoughts:


Why tarnish and damage the visual and emotional appearance and feel of our beautiful, thriving businesses and organisations?


Do customers, visitors, clients and consumers really want to be hit head on with hazard warning stripes and regimented instructions?


Or do we all want to get on with our lives, and be softly (but clearly) prompted to be mindful, use our common sense and consider others when going about our days, chores and business?



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We tackled ‘social distancing essentials’ effectively.


We design and deliver effective experiences. And that wasn’t going to change.


We identified opportunity, quickly, but we didn’t jump on the ‘quick fix hazard warning’ bandwagon, we contacted our clients and associates to find out how the pandemic was affecting them and their businesses, what their plans were, and to see if we could assist in any way to ensure damage limitation and ongoing smooth operation in the months to come.


Our immediate thoughts were ‘don’t panic’. Initial examples viewed worldwide seemed to instil the thought of emergency warning everywhere we looked. Yellow and black stripes, bright red stickers in your face, and a confusing, fearful, cautious reaction was taking over our normal routines and experiences.


Naturally, we had an obligation to create.


We’ve not ‘cleaned up’ during this period of absolutely disarray and uncertainty, we’ve not jumped on every client to see if they need stickers and printed face masks. We’ve collaborated closely with our clients and partners to develop positive methods of enhancing and complimenting their already existing staff, consumer and visitor journeys.


We tell the same story as everyone else, but it’s strategic, it’s branded, it’s beautiful and it connects effectively. Emotionally.


We won’t bleat on that we were approached by the BBC Radio Five Live breakfast show to chat about our approach, or that we’ve spent our weekends researching what the supermarkets are doing or how one sneeze screen compares to the next, we just want to share our experiences with you with a view to seeing if we can continue to support you with your ongoing plans.


Our story is borne out of yours.


The struggle is very real. And it continues to be. It’s been intense, adapting our model and templates to cater for a pandemic, without losing sight of the fact our customers expect us to deliver to the same level of creativity and expertise, while juggling where to work from and how to entertain the kids. But like many organisations and businesses, and the human race across the board, we’re resilient and we rise up.


It gave us an opportunity to refresh, to reconnect and to change the game.


So we did.


OUR renaissance. As in ‘OUR’ renaissance. It’s yours too.


We designed social distancing essentials to cater for anyone who has a vision to add to their experiential offering, not put a band aid over it.


Our experiential design speaks for us, and it speaks for our clients who have invested in their offering. We’re providing and installing complete essentials packs, creating promo videos for the comeback, and we’re on hand to support anyone who needs advice, guidance, expert planning and support with the next phase of how their evolving experience operates and functions.


We’ve taken some photos along the way – we just want to share what we’ve been up to, how we feel we’ve contributed differently, and to let you, the reader, the person who might be able to make a difference in your business and organisation, have a look at how this can be achieved.


Join THE SOCIAL on all our Social Media platforms – it’s a place to connect, reconnect and revive what we do together. It’s good to talk. We stole that. But seriously, we all work better and more efficiently and effectively when we work together, so we’re just encouraging that again, it’s what we do.


We hope to reconnect with everyone we know during the next few months. If you read this and you’ve not heard anything from us direct or personally, it’s coming, but please get in touch with me and the team, we really want to hear from you and know what you’re up to.


Celebrating an Alliance of awesome people and organisations.


We’re celebrating 15 years of showing off this year. It could have been overshadowed, but we’re not going to let that happen. THE SOCIAL, THE RENAISSANCE, THE COMEBACK. All borne out of optimism, enthusiasm, togetherness and OUR collaborations. You make this happen.


We’re very much looking forward to catching up soon, and excited to be working on some fantastic projects with our valued clients and partners. We’re lucky to work in industries that thrive on invention and imagination, and together we continue to bring it.


Wishing each and every one of you, whether we know you yet or not, a healthy and successful remainder of 2020, and an opportunity to set new goals and make more waves. Let’s talk soon.


Ross and the team at Showoff Design and Display.

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