The year 2020 to most was seen as a nuisance. An inconvenience that we just wanted to see the back of. However looking back, for me it was a journey and one that I will look back on as a sense of achievement and game changing. The Showoff team just like everyone else entered in to an unknown land where we needed to take a short step back and strategise not only how we present ourselves during a pandemic, but also how we can fully support our customers.



I have had the pleasure of working alongside some of our valued customers planning for the ever changing social distancing practices, how we can develop those into part of their brand and also make it as normal as possible for their customers, members and staff. One key factor for me during this time was recognising just how important a brand is not only internally but to the customer too. I have seen many brands refocusing their attention on what lies within, allowing fellow creatives to have an influence on how the brand should be seen both during a pandemic as well as moving forward and it has been exciting to see.



Design is not an afterthought. It is an essential part to any business or communication. We see it every day all around us. From the billboards we see on our commute to work, to the ‘Sanitise your hands’ plaque in the gym, right down to the little graphic on the PM’s podium telling us to stay home and save lives! It is essential and we at Showoff Design and Display are here for you whenever you need it. I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved together this past year as a team and a collaborative unit with our customers and it is looking bright and colourful already in 2021 as we finally see light at the end of the Covid tunnel. Help us help you. Help us to Change the Game!


Dan Cooper, Head of Creative – 05.03.2021

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